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Solar Thermal Panels and
Solar Thermal Energy Systems

The sun is ultimately the source of all energy here on Earth. We need to look at directly harvesting this resource to meet our ever-growing energy needs. Enough solar energy falls on our planet each day to provide for all our global energy needs for a year. It is time that we start taking advantage of this.

At New Found Energy we design and engineer solar hot water systems, photo voltaic systems, and geo-thermal energy systems. We provide energy consultation to homeowners and industry to better manage your energy and energy systems. We provide professional installation and maintenance of systems with a “Customer First” philosophy, and will conduct service on any extant system you may have.

New York Solar Energy

We at New Found Energy also believe that the first step towards a carbon-neutral lifestyle and society is with education. In partnership with local Hudson Valley schools we support everything from recycling programs to solar energy classrooms and curriculum. If you are an educator please contact us to find out more about what we can do for you.
Our central office is located in the heart of the New York State’s Hudson Valley technology corridor where we have access to the brightest minds and most advanced “green” technologies.

Our services extend through the northeast region, addressing commercial, industrial, and residential interests.
Come join our growing family of solar energy consumers and find out for yourself why New Found Energy is the team you want working for you.

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